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If you suffer from sudden or chronic pain, but fear using addictive pain medications, consider a soothing IV infusion. The board-certified doctors at Wellness Institute of Downtown in Fort Myers, Florida prefer the Pro-IV for chronic pain therapy. (in conjunction with medical cannabis treatment) The Pro-IV works without the use of potentially harmful opioid and steroid medications. Don’t let pain debilitate you, call the office for an appointment or book online.

IV Infusion / Pain Management

Wellness Institute Of Downtown

What is Pro-IV?

Pro-IV arose out of a collaboration between world-renowned athletes and physicians. The goal was to create a therapy that improved the performance and quality of life for athletes both during and after their careers, all while affording maximum safety.

Pro-IV’s formulations have been approved by the PGA Tour because they are free of opioids and steroids. More importantly, the formulations don’t contain any banned substance.

What is DripFusion?

DripFusion is an intravenous drip (IV) of premium quality micronutrients and, when necessary, FDA-approved medicine to reduce inflammation and mitigate chronic issues.

What is an opioid?

Opioids are powerful and addictive pain-management medications like codeine, hydrocodone, meperidine, hydromorphone, and methadone. These drugs are often prescribed by physicians to combat the pain one experiences following a severe injury.

Why are opioids harmful?

For the more common conditions that cause pain — such as back pain, chronic headache, and fibromyalgia — opioids offer temporary relief and cause side effects.

Opioids can cause severe constipation as well as dangerous levels of sedation. A person who takes an opioid can also become cognitively impaired and confused.

Why are opioids addictive?

Brain abnormalities resulting from chronic use of heroin, oxycodone, and other morphine-derived drugs are an underlying cause of opioid dependence -- the need to keep taking drugs to avoid a withdrawal syndrome -- and addiction (intense drug craving and compulsive use).

Why are IV infusions better than oral consumption?

For decades, the medical community has recognized the importance of vitamins and minerals. To date, oral consumption has been the primary mode of disbursement to the body.

Unfortunately, factors like bioavailability and excretion can reduce potency and effectiveness by as much as 70%. With Pro-IV you get increased retention and absorption.

What can I expect from IV infusions for pain management?

Besides effectively relieving pain, you’ll have more energy. Pro-IV is specifically designed to optimize your overall performance.

What is the importance of customized infusions?

Everyone’s nutritional requirements are unique. Pro-IV’s foundational formulations significantly improve your current nutrition.

The experienced physicians of Wellness Institute of Downtown understand your individual needs and can prescribe additional elements as needed to meet your unique requirements.

Put an end to chronic pain and improve your overall energy and performance with doctor-supervised IV infusions. Book your appointment online or call the office to learn more.

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