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Establishing internal medicine care with a trusted physician is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your health and wellbeing. Jean-Jacque Vel, DO, and the team at The Wellness Institute of Fort Myers in Fort Myers, Florida, proudly offer a full range of internal medicine services to men, women, and teens. To request your internal medicine appointment, call the office or use the online scheduling tool today.

Internal Medicine Q&A

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is a branch of healthcare focused on diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses in adults. 

Internal medicine specialists, like those at The Wellness Institute of Fort Myers, participate in four years of medical school followed by three to seven years of internship and residency programs. 

In addition to lowering your risk of illness and injury, internal medicine works to improve your health as a whole. The team regularly provides nutritional counseling, medically supervised weight-loss guidance, immunizations, and preventive screenings. 

What conditions does internal medicine treat?

At The Wellness Institute of Fort Myers, the team offers a comprehensive suite of internal medicine services, including diagnosis and treatment of:

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is a serious health problem. It occurs when the force of the blood pumping against the walls of your arteries is too high for an extended period of time. Left unmanaged, high blood pressure increases your risk of cardiovascular problems, including heart attack and stroke. 


Diabetes is a blanket term that describes a group of diseases characterized by high blood sugar. Everyone needs blood sugar to survive, but too much blood sugar increases your risk of nerve damage, heart disease, and serious infection. Internal medicine can help you keep your levels in check, improving your quality of life.

Chronic pain

Any pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks is chronic. Chronic pain can suck the color out of life and prevent you from participating in normal activities such as work or spending time with friends and family. The team at The Wellness Institute of Fort Myers uses conservative, integrative treatments to help men and women manage their pain. 

High cholesterol

High cholesterol is another heart-related health problem characterized by a buildup of cholesterol — a fatty, wax-like substance — in your blood. Over time, high cholesterol can negatively affect your blood flow, increasing your risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

How often should I participate in internal medicine? 

The team at The Wellness Institute of Fort Myers usually recommends that men and women undergo an internal medicine checkup at least once a year. Even if you feel fine, it doesn’t hurt to take preventive action. Many serious conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, present a few subtle symptoms in their early stages.

To request your internal medicine appointment at The Wellness Institute of Fort Myers, call the office or use the online scheduling tool today.